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Web Designing

We work with you to design a website in such a way that will give you repeat visits and will help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Dedicated Server, SEO, Digital Marketing Consultancy

Get Superior Protection , Weekly Server Image Backup And Extremely Fast Performance With SSD Storage Server With Website SEO

Graphic Designing

Our Graphic designers will make your brand recognizable by utilizing various mediums such as shapes, print design, images, colors, billboards etc to convey specific ideas or identity to your customers.

RedHat Expertise Modules (RHCA)

RH413 builds on a student's Redhat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification or equivalent experience to teach how to secure a Redhat Enterprise Linux system to comply with security policy requirements.

Corporate Traning

Corporate Training Internship Program is a project oriented Training program for all students who have aspiration to work in the core technical industry domain.


Our Technical Workshop series provides engineers with the opportunity to develop an understanding of Ethical Hacking, Line Follower, Obstacle Avoider, IoT, Android and Web Development etc.

A Step Towards Technology

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ROBO COSMOS aims to carry research and development in all concerned fields and system of engineering and technologies. It comprises of a plethora of events and competitions in diverse fields of Robotics, Coding, Aerospace, Cyber Security, Gaming & Advanced Science.

Also encourage initiate and promote facilities for discovering, development of new methods of diagnosis, understanding & developing the new innovative design ideas.



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" It was a great time we spent in ROBO COSMOS. ROBO COSMOS has very wonderful trainers and they are very cooperative.The days which has been spend in ROBO COSMOS was the golden days of my life and will remember it for rest of my life. "

Akanksha Nanhet / Intern

I am highly satisfied with the Website designed by ROBO COSMOS. I have not yet faced any issue from their side. I thank the company for their quality offerings. "

Haemant Choudhary / Director at IPE GATE Classes

" Being a part of ROBO COSMOS has been a great experience which has helped me as well as many students like me to realize that although we belong to a certain nation but we actual are a part of world population as a whole. "

Ayush Jain / Intern


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